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History on Wheels: Albuquerque's Transportation History History on Wheels: Albuquerque's Transportation History

By Joshua Northom

The Wheels Museum in Albuquerque showcases the evolution of transportation in the town, with everything from historic wagons to vintage automobiles to a flying vehicle exhibit.

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Joshua Northom is a Staff Writer at New Mexico Homes.

Joshua Nothom reports on local interests, hot spots, and entertainment. Josh holds a bachelor's degree in social science as well as a master's degree in education. He keeps current with local and national politics, education policy, music, both football and futbol, and travel. As an avid home-brewer, Josh spends his non-writing time developing and crafting his own beer, as well as researching the long and interesting history behind brewing. On the weekend Josh can be found among friends throwing darts or engaged in a fierce battle of foosball while discussing implications of current social and political movements. He has written for other blogs and his most recently published article is an interesting op-ed piece regarding teacher preparation programs.