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MassRealty Premier

A new way of buying.
2% of the selling price straight back to you.

Tired of the old way real estate is run? If you are a sophisticated buyer and desire a more flexible and transparent pricing arrangement with your agent, MassRealty Premier offers 2% (70-100% of the commission) back to you.

Our MassRealty Premier program is an easy, straightforward pricing arrangement that lets you buy your dream house at a more affordable price.

How it Works

Many buyers we work with prefer to self-service, doing home/neighborhood research and visiting open houses on their own time. They don't use agents to the same extent as other buyers, and are stuck paying more than their share for an agent's services. MassRealty Premier bridges this gap.

What You Pay

  • $500 up-front for 1 full year of MassRealty Premier benefits (2% rebate)
  • OPTIONAL: $100 (1st accompanied house showing) + $50 / additional house (same day)
  • No other hidden fees, that's it

What You Get

  • Top-quality agent, who you can work with as little or as much as you like
  • Forms and other documents you need to submit offers
  • We negotiate on your behalf with sellers and their agents, reviewing and submitting your offers
  • We provide you with a list of open houses where you view homes you are interested in (part of base package)
  • We accompany you in private showings outside of open houses (additional fee, see left for details)
  • As soon as the sale is finalized, we send 2% of the purchase price straight back to you

If you find your dream home without any agent-accompanied showings, we will work with you through the legal process to buy it, and you won't pay a dime over $500 for our services.

Example: Making 2% Back on Your New Home

Home Price $800,000
What We Pay You: 2% $16,000
Upfront Fee + 9 House Showings $1,000
Total Cost Savings $15,000

See what buyers are saying about it

"Getting our home through the Premier program was easy and straightforward. The 2%-back savings covered almost half our 5% first-time home buyer down payment." - Amy, just purchased home in Revere, MA

"There really are no hidden fees through this program. I furnished the entire place with my savings. Highly recommend!" - Scott, just purchased waterfront condo in Boston, MA

"Buying through MassRealty Premier was a positive experience. We found just what we were looking for, and paid less for it." - Sarah, just purchased home on the North Shore, MA

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