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What Not to Do Before Buying a Home

By New Mexico Homes Staff

Congratulations, you have decided to buy a house. Remember, though, that a house needs financing, and getting it is becoming harder and hard. Here is a list of things to avoid doing in order to get approved from a bank so you can buy a home:

  • Be as detailed as you can on you application. Leaving loans or other things out can result in fraud.
  • Don't buy any big ticket item that requires a loan like a car or even furniture. Doing so will increase you debt-to-income ration, and the higher it is the more a bank will think before giving you a loan.
  • Make sure your money has seasoned, that is been at least a couple of months in your bank account. Banks will otherwise wonder where it came from
  • Don't be late on repaying bills or credit cards. You want to show that you are responsible and ready to pay back what you owe. Also if you can't pay something like water bill, how likely are you to pay something more expensive like a monthly mortgage?
  • Don't change jobs or even worse become a self employee. Banks want to see stability because it indicates low risk, and therefore a lower chance to default
  • Don't change banks, you want your financial history to be easily accessible
  • Do not move your money around from one account to the other. Banks want to see all the money in your portfolio, the ones from your checking, savings accounts, money market funds, certificates of deposit, stock statements, and even you 401k.
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Ruth Guevara

That is truly useful info for me. I am going to buy a house so will stick to these tips.


Darsh singh

thanks for sharing this valuable article. />]


Somnath Somnath

fantastic post
thanks a lot for sharing />]


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