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Yoga by Julia Aims to Show How Yoga Can Benefit your Daily Life in Unimaginable Ways

By Elisha Neubauer

In India, yoga is a part of life. When you go to the doctor, part of your medicinal treatment prescription is to practice this art of wellbeing. The practice has numerous health benefits, many of which we've only begun to scratch the surface on.

It is no surprise that this practice, which is part of the Indian healing protocol, is beginning to spread across the US and other western countries. Modern society is beginning to search for new methods of living, a healthier means of existence. Naturally, many are beginning to turn to yoga.

The benefits are endless. Ritually practicing yoga can boost your immune system, lower blood pressure, improve insulin sensitivity, reduce inflammation, and improve balance. But, that's not all. The practice has also been known to increase muscular strength, as well as strengthen bones, joints, and ligaments. It enhances hand-eye coordination and sports performance. A regular routine involving yoga methods will improve your digestion and even help manage stress. But, these are just the physical aspects.

One of the key features of yoga is that it benefits not only the body, but the mind, as well. Studies show that including yoga in your life can reverse depression, increase daily productivity, improve focus, and create emotional stability. Practicing this ancient art allows you to process emotions in a healthy manner, learn self-acceptance, obtain a balanced life, and even experience peace.

Julia Bowen learned of these effects first-hand. As Bowen entered her young twenties, she developed many health problems which the doctors were not able to diagnose. In addition to these health complications, Bowen found herself battling deep depression. Looking for a spiritual answer to her quandaries, she found herself exploring the art of yoga.

Finding yoga was the answer to Bowen's problems. Her issues quickly began to resolve, the more into the practice she dove. "Perhaps that's why I'm more obsessed than most with understanding every nuance of it," she details. "Perhaps it's why I get insanely happy with each discovery. Because it is POWERFUL, and I've experienced that, intimately."

The intimacy she began to feel toward the practice is what led her to eventually learn how to train others in the methods. Wanting to know more, she studied the whys, not just the whats and hows. She focused on the nature of the human body, detailing every inch of anatomy in a way to understand exactly how yoga affected it. "I want you to progress in a way that's safe for your body, that addresses postural habits, that trains your mind to focus with keen attention to detail," she explained. "I want your yoga lessons to transform your life as much as your body."

After feeling comfortable with her knowledge, Bowen took the next step on her yoga journey and launched Yoga by Julia. The studio is friendly and welcoming to those of all ages, experience levels, and body types. The beautiful, calming studio enhances the love and passion which Bowen pours into each and every class she leads. And the sense of community that Bowen and her staff project will make you want to come back for more. "As much as we LOVE yoga, we love people even more," Bowen states. "You guys are why we are here!"

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