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Apparitions and Disembodied Voices: Tours of Old Town in Albuquerque

By Elisha Neubauer

Looking for something exciting to do in Albuquerque? Nothing says exhilaration quite like a ghost tour through Old Town. Picture it: creeping around the town's haunted locations in the dead of night while listening to stories of ghost sightings, histories, and paranormal investigations that have occurred in the very places that you are visiting. Now add a pub crawl to that and you've got a spine-tingling, rousing evening ahead of you. With over fifty years of experience in the tour business, Tours of Old Town has found a way of adding just the right amount of spook as they bring history to life.

Founded in 1706, Old Town contains more than 300 years of long-forgotten battles, murders, hangings, and hidden cemeteries. Tours of Old Town will provide you with a professional and knowledgeable tour guide who will escort you on a lantern-lit excursion to search for the lost souls of early residents, Civil War phantoms, and over one dozen other ghosts who have made Old Town their eternal home. Known as the most active haunted location in North America, Old Town has provided residents and tourists with unexplained experiences, from actual sightings of full apparitions that vanish into thin air to disembodied voices heard in empty buildings- to objects moving without explanation.

Throughout your tour, you will learn about the spooky secrets hidden by the passage of time. For example, the town was founded in 1706, but the earliest dated headstone in the cemetery reads 1874. Where were the citizens of Old Town buried for 168 years? And what about those bones found inside the remnants of the hidden underground tunnels located below the town plaza? Who do they belong to? "We invite our guests to learn the history, hear the ghost stories, and view the evidence. THEN decide for themselves the possibility of the existence of Ghosts..." says Julia Brown of Tours of Old Town. "However, usually it only takes ONE paranormal experience to turn a total skeptic into a believer!"

Tours of Old Town has been guiding historical tours of the Town for over fifteen years, so what prompted the addition of the ghost tours to the regimen?

"After taking a Ghost Tour at the Alamo in 2000, and knowing of the history and reported hauntings of Old Town Albuquerque, it seemed like the perfect location for a Ghost Tour! At that time, there was a real lack of evening entertainment in the Duke City which was desperately needed to help increase visitors not only to Old Town, but for all of Albuquerque," explains Brown.

To ensure everyone can participate in the ghostly history of Old Town, several tour formats have been created, including the Moonlight Ghost Tour, Toast a Ghost pub crawl, and the Spook Troop Junior Ghost Hunters Tour.

Discover the darker side of Old Town with this chilling tour, watch your children become junior ghost hunters, or visit the pubs, bars, and saloons that reportedly serve more than just one kind of spirit. There's more than what meets the eye in the historic buildings and dark alleys of Old Town, Albuquerque.

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