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The Santa Fe Oxygen Bar is a Place for Healing and Wellness

By S. Mathur

Kadimah Alilah Levanah, Founder, Owner, and Master Healer, understands how healing works, because she's gone through the process herself. "After surviving through deep and intense challenges early in my life, I became intrigued with how we can evolve from difficult experiences to inner peace," she says, "I have facilitated thousands of healing sessions in eighteen years as a practitioner where people experience immediate relief from a wellness challenge they were previously unable to resolve. I dedicated my life to healing the body, mind and spirit through integrated healing techniques and intuitive bodywork."

Kadimah's path to healing is to nourish mind, body and spirit: "My journey to gently releasing memories recorded in our unconscious and repatterning the nervous system became my devotion as this is what unlocks forces that empower true and lasting healing. I continue to be inspired by my clients and their stories of recovery and thriving after they engage with this process of integrated therapy for stability and enhancement to their life force."

The Santa Fe Oxygen & Healing Bar's signature brand of "Fusion Healing" incorporates energetic and intuitive bodywork, integrating healing treatments, extensive herbal tonic offerings,, and, of course,oxygen. In addition to recreation oxygen treatments, the Santa Fe Oxygen Bar offers recreational oxygen as well as therapies like Massage Therapy, Reiki, Chiropractic, aromatherapy, and Sound Healing. There's a practical reason for locating the oxygen bar close to the tourist center of Santa Fe: the high altitude often causes altitude sickness and related problems. A 20-30 minute oxygen session, which consists of 96% O2, is a practical and natural way to clear symptoms of headache and dizziness.

The Infusion Bar, offset from the main lounge area, offers cocktails and elixirs crafted from the finest locally sourced herbs as well as medicinal tonics, plant and flower essences, and pure essential oils. Customers can choose from the signature menu that Kadimah concocted with the intention to energize, soothe, and inspire the body to reach high levels of wellbeing quickly. Some infusions have curative properties that are easily identifiable by their namesakes, such as: Weary Traveller, Grief and Forgiveness, Belly Bless, and Headache Allergy Sinus Relief. However, the amazingly fresh ingredients that Kadimah procures can be whipped into a personalized beverage by one of the friendly, knowledgable baristas.

The Spa witnesses many patrons' amazing personal transformations. Travelers often tout the experience as being one of the best they've had in the world, while locals frequently proclaim they found exactly what they were looking for, even though they didn't know they were looking for it. In addition to wellness and healing, the Santa Fe Oxygen Bar offers community, and even sanctuary, a place where people can remember their true selves. In the evenings, the integrated healing center and spa hosts musical and educational events. It functions as a home base for many people, including visionary artists and musicians.

The Santa Fe Oxygen Bar was opened in 2014 and is currently expanding into a new downstairs space which will allow the business to serve many more clients in the coming weeks. In order to learn more and show your support for this dynamic local business you can visit their crowdfunding campaign at

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