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The Importance of Proper Landscape Maintenance: An Interview with David Peltz of Empire Yard Maintenance

By David Peltz

When it comes to yard maintenance, unless you love that kind of work, it is a necessary evil. That's why we interviewed David Peltz of Empire Yard Maintenance to learn more about the benefits of routinely maintaining a lawn. Maybe then we'll be more motivated to do so.

About Empire Yard Maintenance:

We are an Albuquerque based company that started in 2005. We have serviced over 3000 houses to date and have more than 1200 regular customers. The company started out with nothing more than trying to make some extra money. I borrowed the power tools for my first job from my mom. Since then we have grown to 20+ employees and 9 trucks. We service over 150 maintenance customers on a weekly basis.

Why is a Healthy Lawn Important?

Maintaining a healthy lawn is important for many reasons. First, a healthy lawn improves the look of your house as well as the value. Keeping a healthy lawn also cuts down on lawn maintenance. Replacing or reseeding dead spots can be costly as well and purchasing the materials to do so.

What Causes Dead Spots on Lawns and How Can They Be Prevented?

Dead spots happen in almost every lawn but can be avoided in many ways. First, make sure your sprinkler system has adequate coverage. Next make sure you are providing routine maintenance on your lawn such are fertilizing every 3 months, power raking in spring and aerating in spring and fall. Also, if you are getting dead spots from your dog's urine you can try adding vitamin C to their water to help.

How Can Routine Yard Maintenance Improve Curb Appeal?

Routine maintenance of your lawn and yard greatly increase the curb appeal and overall look of your yard. Providing on going, consistent, maintenance keeps the weeds down, the edges of your lawn trimming and also the correct length on your lawn. Mowing your lawn regularly allows for a more consistent look as well as being functional. When your lawn it too long the grass blades will fall over on top of itself thus killing the underlying grass and creating dead spots.

What Services are Included in a "Spring Clean Up?"

General spring cleanup/maintenance typically includes: trimming and shaping the plants and shrubs, power raking, aerating and fertilizing the lawn, leaf and debris cleanup and sprinkler and drip system checks.

What Issues can Arise from Not Removing a Dead Tree?

Not removing a dead tree in your lawn can have lots of hazards but the most obvious one are the tree roots rotting out and the tree falling on your house or car and thus causing damage.

Advice About Routinely Maintaining a Yard?

Maintaining your yard has many benefits. People who have nice yards tend to spend more time outdoors. They have higher property value for their neighborhood. It also great to just be able to look out the window and see a nice clean, maintained, yard!

Best Way to Contact You?

People can contact us a number of ways. You can call us at 505-459-8663, email at or message us through our facebook page. You can also read numerous reports about us at, or see our Google+ page.

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