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Tap Into Your Inner Strength at Budding Lotus Bodywork

By Marina I. Jokic

On a quest for a healthier self, Christine Curran studied healing techniques after college. She got her massage license, became a Reiki Master, a massage therapy instructor, and a Nia White Belt instructor before opening her own studio, the Budding Lotus Bodywork in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Budding Lotus doesn't only provide therapy and massage, but perhaps most importantly, teaches holistic self-care.

Prior to founding Budding Lotus, Curran spent about five years as a web designer, but had already been trained in Reiki by her mom Nancy, a Reiki Master, Yoga Bodywork Therapist, and instructor. Curran really enjoyed practicing the energy work techniques, but was not yet sure if she wanted to make that her full-time vocation.

Before taking the full plunge and starting to practice Reiki and massage therapy professionally, Curran lived in Florence where she continued practicing energy work with her friends. "I knew I enjoyed it, and received positive feedback from my friends and started to wonder if adding massage therapy to my set of skills would be the next best step," she remarks. It became evident to her that she wasn't yet done with that aspect of her professional life.

The desire to have a career that pulled her away from the office desk, and working with people one-on-one continued to simmer in her mind.  In 2010, she finally decided that she wanted to step away from the design world, and move to Santa Fe to study massage at the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts. On her decision, she says "I knew right away that I made the right choice."

 Inspired by her study of anatomy and the powerful healing of myofascial work, she wanted to build her private practice. For her, it has been the icing on the cake, she adds, "since I get to work with repeat clients, focusing on chronic issues and seeing promising results."

As a health professional, Curran considers a wholesome diet one of the most important components of a holistic wellness program, and also essential to keeping herself in good shape. Making the switch to vegetarianism already in high school, Curran still acknowledges that the transition can be challenging for many as they substitute animal products with lots of carbs. Instead, she recommends, it's important to understand how to balance your diet before undertaking such a change.

"When I lived in Florence, Italy I found that some of the most delicious meals were ones that were very lightly seasoned," she says. The freshness of the ingredients really determines whether or not you need to add much spice. True food is what Curran strives to incorporate into her diet, which includes lots of soups and sautéed vegetables in olive oil and ginger.

"If I feel like exploring something new, I will often play with Thai or Indian recipes, and love most dishes that are coconut based," she says.

In close tandem with her physical work and diet, Tibetan Buddhism has had a tremendous influence on Curran's energy philosophy, helping her tune in to her emotional and mental states in a given moment. Since she views personal healing as an on-going process, she decided that studying Buddhism and practicing meditation would sharpen her self-awareness. Moreover, it is Curran's belief that "when we tune in and find grounding and balance within ourselves, we have more to offer to others."

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