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Tacos Anyone? Pop Fizz Introduces Ice Cream Tacos and Fresh-Flavored Popsicles to Albuquerque

By Elisha Neubauer

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, they're doing ice cream a little differently.

Pop Fizz was born from a love of ice cream- a love that needed to be shared with the community. Lorenzo Alvarez, owner of Pop Fizz, had a childhood attachment to the sweet, chilled dessert, so it seemed only fitting that he throw himself headfirst into the industry in the most unique of ways.

"We were inspired by our love for ice cream and paletas as children growing up in the El Paso/Juarez area," states Alvarez. "My father always had an affinity for ice cream shops (paleterias) and we would go to some in Juarez."

The shop focuses on bold, unique flavors in ice creams, juices, and paletas?frozen juice or cream-based popsicles originating from Mexico. The paletas are made from scratch, on-site, each day, and as well as the small-batch, homemade ice cream flavors. Each and every bite of these frozen yummies is fresh, so you never have to worry about freezer burn or lost flavor. The treats are all made with natural ingredients such as real fruit and organic cane sugar, giving a healthier kick to such delicious snacks, and helping to take some of the guilt away from having more than just one!

When it comes to your first visit, the rows of eclectic, bright choices laying before you beneath the glass counter may be intimidating, making it hard to settle on a sound decision. Alvarez has a suggestion to all first-time Pop Fizzers, though. "For first time customers, I would recommend getting something out of the ordinary," he states. "Go for a Mangoneada (Mango popsicle with Chamoy sauce, chile powder, and lime juice) or a flavor like Pecan Cajeta (Pecan Cream with Goat Milk Caramel in the center)."

Once you're in the door, you'll be hooked, but don't worry?there's more than just one place to find these delicious, summer-perfect goodies. In addition to the physical location, located in the National Hispanic Cultural Center, you can find their truck circling events taking place around the community. "People can also find our carts every weekend at the Downtown Growers' Market or Railyard Market," Alvarez details.

For those looking to add a little Fizz to their events, both the cart and truck are available for booking. "Our popsicle cart is perfect for your backyard birthday party or for your next office party," exclaims Alvarez. "Our 'Fizz-icist' will make sure to ring his bells so that everyone knows the ice cream man has arrived." A full catering menu is also available and can be located on the website.

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