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Spreading Peace and Love, First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque Welcomes All

By Marina I. Jokic

As far as churches and doctrines go in Albuquerque, you will be hard-pressed to find a more accepting and liberal institution than First Unitarian.

Whatever your background or relationship to religion might be, the ministry at First Unitarian will welcome you with open arms. The reason for this is their core belief that people are free to search their minds, hearts, and experiences for truth and meaning, whatever that might mean to them. In the end, Unitarian teachings strive to bring together a diversity of opinions and beliefs in the hope of arriving closer to the essence of existence.

Reverend Christine Robinson encourages her parishioners to think for themselves but also cherish their church community. To engage in civil dialogue and share differences of opinion are highly encouraged and represent the silver lining of being a member of First Unitarian.

"In details of beliefs about God or the lack thereof, the afterlife, prayer and so on, we enjoy great diversity and good conversations," Robinson said.

When it comes to the physical differences among her congregation, Robinson is proud to report a great diversity in age, sexual orientation, gender, and ethnicity. Their religious exploration program, tailored for children of all ages, teaches the fundamental principles of Unitarian Universalism which does not espouse any kind of doctrine and embraces all faiths.

"Our worship services tend to be centered on a 20-minute sermon, which weaves human wisdom, daily life, and spirituality into whatever the specific topic of the morning is," she said.

Music is just as imperative as the sermon,they go hand in hand, and all kinds of music genres resonate within the halls of the church. Creativity is a powerful aspect of human experience and spirituality, and music is a great way to express it.

"Our congregation serves our community in many ways, and engages volunteers in projects like food pantry, tutoring, and working for a greener, fairer, and more peaceful world," Robinson said.

Even though there is no official decree at First Unitarian, there is a clear mission which the church takes to heart. Promoting the spiritual and intellectual growth of each member, ministering to each other and being accepting, being a positive force for change, promoting the understanding of the purpose of the Unitarian community, and providing a dynamic religious education for all ages are the pillars of First Unitarian.

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