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Southern Boulevard Dental Corporation Offers both Preventive and Cosmetic Dentistry

By S. Mathur

Good dental health can give you a beautiful smile. Just as important, it can also contribute to your overall health. And conversely, bad dental health can actually make you sick. Mindy Riley, Office Manager, explains how bad teeth can affect a person's overall health: "Bad teeth, or decayed teeth, are infected teeth. Decay in teeth, or cavities, are bacterial infections. They can make your body sick as well. Gingivitis or gum disease, and periodontal disease are also bacterial infections that you might have in your mouth."

Chronic infections in teeth and gums have been linked to debilitating diseases like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's, rheumatoid arthritis among others. They reduce your body's ability to fight off and recover from other diseases, including cancer. The "oral systemic connection" is a new paradigm that looks at the negative impact of chronic inflammation on the entire body.

Even when they are aware of the importance of good dental care, affordability can be an issue for many people. Riley advises that "Making dental care a priority is just as important as making health care a priority." One way to finance dental care is by opening a Health Savings Account, and to add to it every month. The money in the account is considered to be tax deferred savings for health care costs. Further, preventive dental care is the best way to catch problems early, before they turn into major issues requiring expensive treatment. There are community programs that provide low or no cost dental work for those who qualify. Some financial institutions also offer loans and health care financing available for dental work.

Founded in 1988, Southern Boulevard Dental Corporation is a state-of-the art dental facility, trusted by patients old and new. Preventive care is one of the most important services offered. This includes educating patients on good dental health practices to prevent major problems. Southern Boulevard Dental Corporation also practices cosmetic dentistry, which is used for aesthetics rather than for treatment of disease. For instance, crowns and veneers can cover stained and broken teeth.

Among veneers, Riley feels that Lumineers are one of the best options, since they can be attached without removing too much of the underlying tooth structure. The Snap On Smile is somewhat like a removable denture, but one that fits over your teeth. It's impossible for others to tell when you have one on, and it doesn't have to be removed while eating. Missing teeth can be replaced with bridges or implants.

For adults who would like to have perfect teeth, but have never worn braces or even been to a dentist in a long time, Riley says that "First, it is never too late for braces as long as you still have your teeth and you don't have severe periodontal disease. Braces can be done with a minimum of inconvenience and discomfort and most people won't even know you have them on."

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