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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Chocolate Bliss at Albuquerque's ChocolateDude

By Marina I. Jokic

Most everyone loves to indulge in chocolate and its many varied flavors. The subtleties of its taste and richness of its textures are decadent, while its propensity to pair well with other foods makes it a winning ingredient in many a dish.

ChocolateDude Coffee and Candy in Albuquerque specializes in making chocolate and chocolate-covered confections, and was founded by rock and roll bandmates Kurt Oelsner and Kirk Clark.

Oelsner eventually assumed full ownership of ChocolateDude and took it upon himself to create a really distinctive customer experience. "We wanted to create a magical place that the young and old could appreciate," Oelsner points out.

The shop features traditional favorites such as truffles, peanut butter cups, and fudge while also experimenting with innovative flavor combinations. Oelsner says they love trying out combinations that others would rarely think of. Each chocolate is designed to really make a lasting impression on the customer.

"ChocolateDude explores the power of chocolate without taking ourselves too seriously," adds Oelsner. The shop strives to make the best chocolate, but also have to give the customer a chance to relax and have fun.  "We often talk about optimizing the customer experience. This means creating an environment designed to stimulate all the senses," Oelsner emphasizes.

Once you enter the shop, the sounds of Pink Floyd might greet you, the smell of fresh baked cookies or simmering caramel will fill your nostrils, scrumptious chocolate apples will be arranged behind the vitrine, and you will spot beautiful local artwork on the walls.

"We prioritize flavor over beauty," Oelsner says, confident that customers will appreciate the delectable flavors ChocolateDude has to offer. Machine-made chocolates can lack character and charm. Each of the ChocolateDude hand-made chocolates is unique, and created with incredible care and attention.

That is what sets Oelsner's shop apart from the competition. Crowd favorites range from their peanut butter Chupacabra, to the cinnamon and sugar or Oreo caramel apples to their Zozobra rice crispy treat. The Glace Oranges, Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows, Coconut Haystacks, Amaretto Truffles, and the Pecan Roadrunner are just very few of the flavors you will encounter at ChocolateDude.

People don't just come for the chocolates. ChocolateDude makes some winning espresso and coffee drinks, which temper the sweetness of their chocolates and add a little bit of welcomed bitterness to the mix. There is free wifi, comfortable chairs, and delicious choices at ChocolateDude -- what more would you need for a relaxing afternoon?

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