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Santa Fe Honey Salon Farms Local Bees for Fresh Honey Products

By Kelly Church

Santa Fe Honey Salon & Farm Shop isn't a typical salon. This New Mexico shop is also part bee farm, selling 24 different types of honey in the form of raw honey, drinks, soaps, candles, beeswax blocks and even skincare products.

The store is a sister company to Bee Chama Honey out of Polvadera, NM and when Gadiel Ramirez became a part of the family apiary, Santa Fe Honey Salon was born. She now owns the Santa Fe business, having participated in all aspects of the company, from tending to hives to setting up equipment to bottling and marketing products.

"We currently divide our extensive honey collection in two categories: local and exotic," Ramirez says. "The local collection includes the varieties that we collect around the region, while the exotic collection includes varieties that we trade in other states in the west coast. However, our local options are as exotic as any honey in the world. Let's keep in mind that we only offer raw, extra virgin and unfiltered honey (those are the characteristics of a top-notch honey). In addition, the girls that we manage are happy: they are unsprayed bees foraging in the somehow pristine New Mexican wilderness."

Ramirez says there are 24 choices of honey. A few favorites in the exotic line include: mountain gambel oak from northern New Mexico that is the result of bees foraging on tree sap instead of flower nectar giving it a nuttier taste; cat's claw/mesquite from southern New Mexico that is naturally white and creamy; and buckwheat from Montana that is the darkest and strongest honey in the U.S. and has been researched for it's more powerful health benefits.

Santa Fe Honey Salon also makes honey drinks, as an alternative to sugar-based beverages. They are offered both hot and cold. As a hot drink, flavors are: ginger root, peppermint, chamomile, yerba mate, lavender and osha root. As a cold beverage, flavors are: ginger limeade and hibiscus cooler. They can be purchased in 16-ounce sizes and up to five gallons. Ramirez says during the summer months, guests are often eager to wait in line for a Santa Fe Honey Salon cold beverage, instead of opting for something with refined sugars.

Other products include honey nuts and infusions by the half pint. For honey nuts, flavors are green chile, salted, raw and mixed nuts. For the infusions, flavors get a little more unique, including lavender, red chile, chocolate, choco-chile, osha root and cinnamon. Honey soaps are another product of Santa Fe Honey Salon, utilizing the moisturizing benefits of honey.

There are a lot of scents for soaps, featuring some fruity like orange beet, orange coffee and chia grapefruit; some minty including eucalyptus and peppermint; some floral like lavender rosemary, cinnamon rose and mountain wildflower with juniper; and some that speak to household favorites like blue corn & anise biscochitos, caress my face and classic rosemary. Other honey products that can be used on the skin include lip balm, oil for the eyelids, night cream, diaper cream and a gentle exfoliating scrub.

The company not only sells at their Santa Fe storefront, but online as well, so people all over the country can enjoy Santa Fe's local bee farm's honey. Gift cards are available.

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