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Santa Fe Divine Healing Center Teaches Self-Healing Hot Yoga and More

By Marina I. Jokic

Greg Whitfield, owner and manager at Santa Fe Divine Healing Center, is a certified hot yoga instructor specifically trained to teach individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. His specialties are in energetic healing, Reiki, and traditional Limpia methods along with Angelic guidance to realign energy fields. In addition to these core skills, Whifield has been trained to lead traditional Temazcal sweat lodge ceremonies as well as to be a spiritual mentor and teacher.

Established in 2015, Santa Fe Divine Yoga strives to open students to the incredible self-healing potential of their own bodies in addressing various health issues, be they physical or mental. Like most forms of the discipline, the yoga taught there focuses on strengthening the body and preparing the mind for meditation. One unique aspect of the training at Whitfield's studio is the implementation of infrared heaters to increase room temperature.

"Our far-infrared heaters heat your tissues several inches deep, which can enhance your natural metabolic processes, [promote better] circulation, and help oxygenate your tissues, but perhaps most importantly, it can help restructure the water in your cells," Whitfield said.

When properly aligned and practiced with correct breathing techniques, yoga can promote optimal energy flows and movements that release physical and emotional tension from the body, eliminate toxins, and massage the internal organs. Some of the primary benefits of practice include weight loss, lower blood pressure, and relief from PTSD and other trauma. What is more, yoga has been positively correlated with enhancing the self-healing mechanism of the body, a key focus of the Santa Fe Divine Healing Center.

"My advice for beginning yoga practitioners is to understand that yoga is not a competition and to [refrain] from comparing your practice to others," Whitfield said.

Classes at Santa Fe Divine Yoga are available on a drop-in basis as well as in five, 10, and 20 sessions. Some visitors opt for the unlimited monthly pass, which gives them access to all classes seven days out of the week and more flexibility. The instructors are extensively trained and come from diverse teaching backgrounds, focusing on Hot Yoga Method, AngelHeal Yoga, Bikram, Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga among others.

"Find a studio with instructors that will give modifications during practice and also give you room to grow at your own pace," Whitfield said. "The instructor should make you feel comfortable during your first class, [providing] insight and helping out with alignment in the poses you need help in."

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