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Reboot Your Relaxation at Rocco's Now and Zen

By Jake Levin

Balance of the body, mind and spirit yields vitality, confidence and clarity.

These things, when added together, greatly reduce stress and tension within the body. Through a combination of both ancient and modern techniques, Lora Rocco and her team at Rocco's Now and Zen help people rid themselves of stress at her Albuquerque, N.M. studio.

"We use a combination of ancient, holistic therapies with a modern approach to clear stagnant energies of the body to balance our emotional state of mind, our physical bodies and our connection with our soul," Rocco said. "We take the time to get to know your body as a whole and customize treatments for your specific needs and desired results. Each treatment includes professional techniques that will sweep you away into a state of bliss and you will leave feeling lighter, happier and more at peace."

The negative effects of stress are numerous, according to Rocco. She lists heart conditions, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, addictions, insomnia, OCD, forgetfulness, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, increased or decreased weight gain and digestive problems as among the harmful products of stress.

At Rocco's Zen and Now, there are three powerful tools Rocco and her staff equips their clients with to help them relax: touch, breath and aroma. Maintaining balance between all three is important, she said.

"Our body works on three levels; physical, mental and energetic planes and are deeply intertwined," Rocco said. "If you were to only focus on the physical aspect, the other two aspects become greatly imbalanced. The energetic system in our body mimics our circulatory system. Just as the circulatory system works to bring blood (nutrients and oxygen) to every cell in the body, our energetic system runs along meridians that brings chi (life force) to every cell in the body."

All treatments are customized at Rocco's Now and Zen.

"Your mind, body and spirit will be pampered and healed by the gifts provided by Mother Nature," Rocco said.

A holistic approach to skin care is offered, including anti-aging rejuvenation, acne purification, sensitive skin soothing and back treatments. Holistic healing services such as acupuncture, reflexology, chakra balancing, light and sound treatments, Reiki, crystal therapy and spiritual guidance are also options.

Spa products are made all natural from organic flowers, herbs, oils and powders, and all are New Mexico True Certified.

"We take pride in crafting our products so they will benefit our customers through exceptional performance," Rocco said. "They also benefit local and small businesses from which the ingredients are sourced."

Rocco's favorite part of her job is teaching and educating people on the benefits of a holistic approach, to caring for their mind, body and spirit.

"I love to help others and make people feel good," she said. "I am so grateful to have to the opportunity to work with clients on their journey to beauty and wellness. It is extremely rewarding to see the amazing changes in my guests after just a few visits!"

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