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Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing Provides Guidance and Insight

By Pamela Sosnowski

One of Elissa Heyman's first clients as a psychic was a very famous one: Bob Dylan. In 1976, she was hired to travel with Dylan and his band on his "Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Review" national tour, offering spiritual advice and insight to band members and roadies. Today, she serves as a psychic counselor to anyone that needs questions answered, offering private readings both in-person in her Santa Fe office and over the phone.

"The service I've offered since 1979 is a private session that I call 'Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing,'" Heyman said. "Every practitioner has unique process, and one of mine is to get insights for my client before we meet or get on the phone. I like to see what comes unhidden and the spiritual guidance that comes first for a person. A counseling session includes clairvoyant reading and divination, with the tarot and my Speaking Stones. It can include mediumship and channeled healing processes."

Heyman was inspired to enter her line of work by a well-known metaphysical teacher that her English professor encouraged her to visit, as he felt she was rigid in her thinking. She says her life changed when she realized "that a person could know things directly." The metaphysical teacher impressed her with the knowledge of important past events in her life. She began studying with him while providing counseling at The Help Center, a peer-counseling program she started at U.C.S.B. When her mother passed away unexpectedly a few years later, Heyman put her acquired psychic skills to the test by communicating with her during a seance and obtaining closure regarding her death.

Private sessions are available in 30, 45, and 60-minute long increments. Heyman also conducts workshops in which participants get a taste of various forms of psychic readings and tap into their own psychic abilities, and she works with families or groups to assist with healing and delivering psychic messages. Many of her clients are repeat customers, which attests to her accuracy and communication skills.

"I am comfortable knowing things directly and saying what I see, and can communicate the insights and guidance I receive with clarity and detail," she said. "Some clients have been using me for decades. I believe it's because they find it very relieving to call me up and get answers that over the years, have helped them and their family members. The various skills and talents employed converge to make them feel lighter and clearer and more sure of themselves. They know what's in their best interest by the end of the session."

For those that cannot visit Heyman in person or do not wish to conduct a phone reading, her website is brimming with psychic exercises, guided meditations, and articles that can help someone nurture their spirituality from the comfort of their home. She also publishes a monthly newsletter.

"I'm interested in creating personal growth tools," she said. "My next creative project is to create more, and more diverse guided meditations that give people simple coping skills for common issues my clients bring up."

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