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Optimal Health Management Through Holistic Mind and Body Treatment

By Kelly Church

At the Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health, Dr. Robyn Benson doesn't just focus on one or two aspects of health. Benson has a holistic view of health, tackling problems by treating the body as a whole. Benson is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and founded the Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health in Santa Fe, NM to help her patients relieve themselves from health concerns of all varieties: sleep, weight, pain, hormone, digestive, anxiety and more. 

Benson's practice has 13 core values that describe what her view is on health: bridging medicine to collaborate with other health professionals when necessary, celebrating life, educating patients, empowering patients to heal, honor the environment, provide complementary care to the whole family, offer a broad selection of treatment options, encourage movement, promote prevention and treatment, establish relationships with every patient, share gratitude by partnering with nonprofit organizations, and embrace all religious and spiritual viewpoints. 

Much of what Benson offers is in relation to detoxification of the body. She believes detox can lead to overall improved health, in ways that patients may not even be expecting. Detoxification treatments at Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health can include vitamin infusions and drips, electric pulse therapy and more. 

"Detox for life equals more energy, better memory, healthier digestive health and [improved] immunity," Benson says. "We need to practice self care more now than ever due to toxicity issues, stress and electromagnetic pollution." 

Benson also offers diagnostic testing, massage, acupuncture, allergy testing, Alzheimer's care, and even hair coloring and styling. It's all part of what Benson calls her self-care revolution and she aims for competitive pricing on services that she feels are essential for all patients. For those who want more intensive self-care help, Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health also has retreats called Fresh Start Santa Fe. These multiple-day retreats are designed to help patients get their health back on track. 

Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health does take health insurance and has a long list of practitioners for patients to work with. They request that new patients call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Benson. 

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