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Nina Glaser Hypnotherapy Gives Relief from Smoking, Stress, Pain and Other Challenges

By Kelly Church

Nina Glaser, a Santa Fe, NM hypnotherapist and owner of Nina Glaser Hypnotherapy, believes in hypnosis as a method of overcoming obstacles in life and discovering a person's potential. Glaser calls this form of therapy gentle, but extremely powerful in helping her clients change habits. Her clients have the feeling of daydreaming, or she compares it to being deeply lost in a book or movie. Clients can experience relief from stress, smoking, pain, fears or phobias and more.

"After a thorough interview, the client, comfortably lying on a recliner is verbally led into relaxed state of body and mind, and is then taken on a journey of self-discovery and given suggestions for a shift in his [or] her thoughts," Glaser said. "There is no analysis in this process; it's a practical tool to help you go from point A to point B."

Glaser said she has great success with clients who want to stop smoking, partially because she carefully screens her clients to ensure they are ready to quit. She believes that if someone doesn't really want to quit, hypnotherapy won't work. Once she deems them a candidate for her smoking cessation sessions, they can begin the series of three appointments. The sessions include what triggers each person has for wanting to smoke and coming up with new, healthy ways to satisfy those needs.

Clients quit smoking during the second session. Glaser provides them with a custom recorded CD to play as they sleep for the following six weeks. She said clients report a very deep sleep that leaves them feeling refreshed. A follow-up appointment happens two to three days after clients quit that will review any issues that have arisen over the last several days and learning self-hypnosis techniques.

"Hypnotherapy is used as a tool to change habits that no longer suit us," Glaser said. "Smoking is a common use of hypnotherapy, but any self-sabotaging pattern can be altered if the client is ready and willing to make a change. Common requests are increased creativity, more self-confidence, improved relationships [and] releasing old thought patterns that are holding you back."

Glaser said she's very aware of only taking on clients that are appropriate for hypnotherapy. She said she does not work with clients seeking relief from alcoholism, drug use or insomnia that is a result of physical imbalance, or clients looking for significant weight loss.

Glaser first offers phone consultations for her new clients, the works with each person in her office. She prefers to have in-person appointments, but can work with clients via Skype as well. To schedule an appointment with Glaser or find out more about hypnotherapy, contact her via her website

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