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By S. Mathur

What's the experience of scuba diving like? Stacey Minton, Owner and Managing Member, says that "It's like being in another world, which you are. You're weightless, like being in outer space. It's surreal. Watching the interaction of the fish and critters is amazing. There is no noise, you can't talk, your breathing is relaxed. You feel like you are in a big fish tank."

What about people who are nervous about going underwater? Minton has found that "We have lots of people that say they are nervous and it's the fear of the unknown. We are not made to breath underwater, yet now we are asking you do so. Once they know they and can see and breath they relax and enjoy it."

The New Mexico Scuba Center offers training and certifications from Snorkeling to Beginning Scuba and all the way through Instructor. Once learners have mastered the basics, they can take their skills on the road. The Center offers scuba and snorkeling vacations to spectacular destinations around the world like Curaçao, Belize and Palau.

What are some basic water safety tips everyone should be aware of? Minton says that "First everyone needs to learn to Respect the water. There's nothing like the freedom, weightlessness, gracefulness and tranquility that the water offers." She adds that it's never too late to learn to swim. Parents should take kids into the water with them to prevent passing on a fear of the water. Of course, appropriate safety devices should be provided: "Parents should provide children with the appropriate flotation device, such as a U.S. Coast Guard-approved flotation vest , that will keep the head above water. Wetsuits not only help to keep us warm, they also aid in helping us float."

There are many reasons why everyone should learn how to swim. First, you never know when the ability to swim may save a life, someone else's or your own. It also allows you to participate in water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving and boating.

The Center offers safety and rescue classes as well, says Minton: "Water Safety is learning how to help someone without becoming a victim yourself. During our Stress & Rescue class we show out students how easy it is to become a victim as well as keeping yourself as well. We teach water safety to our Scuba Rangers, which is a kids only class- no adults are allowed!!!"

Minton shares her expertise in water safety with some important tips that everyone should know.

Never attempt to rescue someone if you can't swim.
Always reach for something that floats, don't go into the water if you are not trained.
Water toys such as noodles and inner tubes are not designed to keep swimmers safe.
If you do not know what the water conditions are (temperature, depth and currents) just don't jump in.
Learn CPR your skills can save a life.
Follow the Buddy System. Always swim with a buddy, be sure you know about any local weather conditions affecting it and of course always know your limitations.
Have your child swim where there is a lifeguard.
Don't go in unlit water?such as the beach at night.
Don't leave toys in or near a pool area as it may attract children.

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