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New Mexico Escape Room Challenges Critical Thinking, Logic and More With Creative Live Action Scenarios

By Kelly Church

New Mexico Escape Room puts adventurous players in challenging scenarios and gives them one hour to find a way out. The games require logic, deciphering skills and a keen eye, according to owner Carie Guido. The Albuquerque facility leaves some clues out in the open, and strategically hides others to make the gamers think critically.

"A live action escape room is similar to the video game versions, but is instead a physical adventure game where players are immersed into the game setting," Guido said. "As players solve the various puzzles and unlock needed items they get a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, releasing certain endorphins that make these games so much fun."

There are three scenarios that New Mexico Escape Room has to offer. The Blood Map is a western treasure hunt where players search for a treasure map in a Victorian themed room. In The Cabin scenario, players embody lead detectives and search for a serial killer with little evidence in 60 minutes or less.

The newest escape scenario is called The Family Jewel. The scene is grandma's house, after her recent death. The family, or players, seeks a family jewel that nobody knows the whereabouts of. As the game continues, players experience plot twists and expose secrets.

"Players are also presented with a choice that must be made in the very end that doesn't impact whether they win or lose, but creates an element where they can take control of an outcome," Guido said.

New Mexico Escape Room has been open for nearly two years and was the first escape activity to open in the state. It's fun for adults of all ages on an average weekend, or for a special occasion like a birthday, bachelor party, girls' night out and corporate team building. Guido said for businesses looking to build problem-solving skills, communication and collaboration among employees, New Mexico Escape Room is a great option.

Time slots for escape scenarios can be booked online at, or by contacting the storefront.

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