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Challenging and Stimulating Classes Found at Albuquerque's Rebel Workout

By Marina I. Jokic

Rebelling against monotonous exercise routines, Rebel Workout strives to offer students something quite different. For those gym regulars that are tired of the same old drills and the same set of machines they use every day, Rosa Ciddio, owner of Rebel Workout, says she has the solution. Ciddio shares her insights on what has driven her to open her own business in Albuquerque.

Sure, there are countless gyms and fitness salons out there, but how do you decide which one is the right for you before committing? Ciddio of Rebel Workouts has a simple answer to that question: her clients never do the same workout twice. This variety and ability to stay fresh have been Rebel Workout's claim to fame, and have attracted many new clients. Ciddio adds that joining her classes is not all about losing weight. That's just one goal, but her ultimate objective is to make people healthier and stronger.

Among its group of classes, Rebel offers TRX suspension training, Sandbell, ViPR bar and various boot camps. There are seven different TRX classes, among them TRX Circuit, an interval training designed to push your limits through utilizing a suspension trainer with cardio bursts and rests. The Circuit is one of the high-intensity workouts on the menu.

The TRX Strong challenges you through rep-based workouts using the trainer as well as your own body weight. Finally, the TRX Lean is another interval training designed to burn the maximum amount of calories. Most of the workouts range from forty to fifty-five minutes and strive to get you out of your comfort zone.

In her aim to provide new and varied workouts to her clients while also addressing different muscle groups, Ciddio says she combines bodyweight, strength training, and cardio to give the most comprehensive workout possible. In regard to the goals of different students, Ciddio points out that they vary from building muscle mass to losing a few extra pounds and toning.

Overall, Ciddio's goal is to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle instead of obsessing over shedding pounds. "Yes, people do lose weight doing our workout, but we look at weight loss as a happy byproduct of what we do," she adds.

The decision to open Rebel Workout in the city's center was an easy one. "I not only own a business downtown, I live downtown and in my humble opinion, it's the best part of town," Ciddio says of Albuquerque. There are many great local restaurants around every corner, quaint gift shops, yoga studios, coffee shops, bars, and even a few breweries.

People enjoy easy access to the Paseo del Bosque Trail, which goes connects the north to the south edges of the metro area through the Rio Grande's cottonwood bosque forest. The feeling of community is palpable, with friendly people and happy faces. Ciddio enjoys walking the city streets and finding new places to discover, learning a new piece of history, or simply visiting the museum.

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