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Metta Rupa Massage: Your Ticket to Physical and Mental Health

By Marina I. Jokic

Located in Albuquerque, Metta Rupa Massage and Bodywork is a welcome respite from the stresses of daily life. The therapists at Metta Rupa are experts in restoring the body through integrated massage, reflexology, Reiki, and Chinese cupping.

Owner Eric Williams describes the main focus of his work as pain relief and stress management. Williams' certifications as a medical and clinical massage therapist and a Reiki master position him as a comprehensively trained professional in the field.

Appropriately named, Metta denoting kindness and Rupa meaning body, Williams' studio is a comprehensive resource for anyone seeking regular bodywork or wanting to address a current or chronic injury. He shares his office suite with four other massage therapists, a health coach, and a hair salon.

Eric Williams

"I saw a real need for supplemental support when it came to people's health and wellness," Williams said. "Today's medical system doesn't have the time or resources to treat a person on a more holistic basis."

You'll note that Metta Rupa's massage services are not delineated according to a particular style or tradition, but are rather named integrative since they can be tailored to a specific client's needs and concerns. Buzzwords such as "Swedish" or "Deep Tissue" are omitted in favor of "customized" and "treatment." In fact, the primary focus at Metta Rupa is treating chronic conditions that cause physical pain rather than merely pampering their clients. Providing long-term therapeutic solutions that also feel great is Williams' forte.

"Our trained staff will never attempt to offer or perform a service that is out of their scope of practice," Williams said. "If we can't perform it, we can refer you to a qualified practitioner who can."

One of their most popular treatments, reflexology is sometimes misconceived simply as a foot massage, a gross oversimplification. The treatment involves complex knowledge of the pressure points in the feet and gently manipulates them to elicit a response in other parts of the body. According to the Mayo Clinic, reflexology may reduce pain and psychological symptoms such as anxiety and depression and improve sleep patterns. The therapy has also been shown to have palliative effects for cancer patients.

Williams is also a Reiki master. An energetic healing practice used to promote relaxation and stress relief, Reiki does not involve any physical manipulation, but instead works with the vibrational field to permeate the body.

"Everything that I've studied and continue to study revolves around mitigation pain and stress," Williams said. "Pain relief and stress reduction are what I do, it's really that simple."

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