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Let Trifecta Coffee Company Roast and Brew Your Cup to Perfection

By Marina I. Jokic

Barista, baker, and co-owner of Trifecta Coffee, Lee Sanders is passionate about bringing the choicest of coffees to the customer. Trifecta offers a variety of coffees from around the world. Some of the most popular blends include well-balanced, less acidic medium roasts from Peru, smooth and dark roasts like their Sumatran choices, and brighter and fruitier beans like the Ethiopian Guji which carries a light mango overtone.

Lee also highlights their Kenyan AA, a Mexican Chiapas coffee that is both fair-trade certified and organic. Central American and South American coffees are quite popular as well. Of course, it's not only about buying the best coffee; roasting it to a level that highlights its best features is key. The website contains a list of the six roasting styles that Trifecta practices, outlining the acidity, flavor, and color of each.

What makes Trifecta different than other coffee houses and bakeries is that it produces most of what comes out the door. In addition to catering to coffee connoisseurs, Trifecta has a wide selection of baked goods including scones, pastries, muffins, and savory quiches, all made from scratch and freshly baked. The scone lineup includes blueberry, rosemary sea salt, and orange coconut. Featured pastries include rugelach, peach dumpling, tarts, and madeleines among others. Trifecta coffees span many different countries and regions, and offer very distinctive flavors and aromas.

"We produce a number of our own syrups including a lemon verbena syrup, a bourbon Madagascar vanilla bean syrup, and homemade cinnamon syrup," Sanders said.

The menu is rich with crafted espresso drinks, iced and hot, utilizing the latest bar trends. Sanders spotlights their lemon verbena cocktail, a bright and citrusy iced espresso beverage that is refreshingly unique and energizing. For those interested to take home a memento from their favorite coffee house, Trifecta also has insulated coffee mugs and tightly vacuumed coffee containers. You can shop for paraphernalia and coffee directly on their website.

Photos sometime speak louder than words, so Sanders recommends checking out their website for shots of the industrial grinder and espresso maker. Being equipped with high-quality, durable machines means better tasting coffee, Sanders said. Trifecta invests in high-end machinery, which keeps them on top of their competition and makes the customers very happy with the final product.

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