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Intuitive Essentials Helps Folks Take the Natural Step to Self-Healing

By Elisha Neubauer

Intuitive Essentials provides more than just a service, they provide an experience -- one that affects the mind, body, and soul. Utilizing intense methods of self-care and empowerment, the team at Intuitive Essentials work with clients to ensure they have a healthy, happy body both inside and out of the facility.

If you ask Ranae Ford, Intuitive Healer and Owner of Intuitive Essentials, the entire experience found at Intuitive Essentials was designed to be unique. The serene and pioneering spa customizes each and every treatment plan to better suit individual clients, adjusting to the needs and situations of each person. "Each session is unique and completely tailored to the individual using only therapeutic-grade essential oils," explains Ford. "Each treatment enhances and enriches the effects of the other, resulting in an optimal healing session."

The combination of effective treatments is as vast as the company's intentions, making customization easy. Reiki, Aroma Touch Treatment, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Essential Oils, and Therapeutic Massage are just a sampling of the options available to Intuitive Essentials clients.

"All of our therapies take advantage of the subtle interactions between a person's state of mind and basic physiological functions in their body," details Ford. Other services offered include Distance Healing, Chakra Balancing, Emotional Flooding, Aromatherapy Yoga, Egyptian and Hopi Ear Candling, iTOVI scanning, and Space Clearing. Several classes and events are available, including aromatherapy classes, health and wellness workshops, Reiki shares, meditation retreats, and family events. According to Ford, most of these occurrences are free of charge.

"Additionally, we offer the only oxygen bar in New Mexico to use therapeutic-grade essential oils and are expanding in October to include a line of organic, local kombucha," she says.

When it comes to self-healing through these natural, innovative methods, Ford is no stranger, having first-hand experience with these methods prior to joining the industry. Diagnosed with uterine cancer, Ford turned to the natural methods for help. Utilizing a combination of Reiki, EFT, and kinesiology, Ford managed to cure herself of her deadly affliction.

As if that wasn't a large enough pull toward the industry for Ford, she once again found herself submerged in the natural healing methods upon the birth of her own son, who was born with a clef lip and palate, 80% deafness in one ear, and 30% deafness in the other. Today, Ford's son is a happy and healthy six year old who has regained his hearing and lives a normal life. She accredits this result to a combination of practical medicine, energy work, and essential oils.

"These intelligent oils work on a physical, emotional and spiritual level," she says. "When combined with our unique services, they elicit a fast and effective response."

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