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Innerworks Coaching Teaches Businesses The Fundamentals

By Jake Levin

Athletics aren't the only field in which you'll find the need for a coach. Andrea Wylan, Business Success Coach at Innerworks Coaching in Albuquerque, N.M., has made it her goal to help her clients make the changes they need in their personal lives, business ventures or other facets of life they can't seem to grasp on their own.

"The benefits clients receive from coaching varies quite a bit, but include results like getting very clear about what they are wanting, starting to see it and believing it is possible," Wylan said.

She's been in this line of work for almost 20 years, taking it up, in essence, by accident.

"I 'coached' my team before I knew what coaching was," Wylan said of her past experience as a real estate manager. She invested in real estate for many years in California, Hawaii and Texas, buying, remodeling and selling homes. Wylan said she loved the work and enjoyed the strategic elements of real estate.

Wylan's investment now comes in helping people make the right career choices, especially those who may be having difficulty navigating their way. Her website,, states one of the results of personal coaching is for someone to get clear on your true passion and 'calling,' and turn it into a career.

She'll help clients remove fears, blocks, beliefs and other obstacles in their way so they start moving towards their goals.

"Profound and powerful changes can and do occur!" she said.

Wylan said that there a variety of ways in which she'll help clients reach their goals, including her own intuition.

"Through listening to what they are saying, what their challenges and desires are, I help them hear themselves, really," she said. "Sometimes I am just giving them permission to pursue the goals they already have, that somewhere along the line became 'not okay.' Listening, challenging, holding accountable, providing thought provoking homework and asking powerful questions are some of the methods to assist clients."

One question Wylan asks on the front page of her website is "Do you believe that living your dreams is possible or that you are worth it?"

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