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How a Pest Inspector Detects Termite Damage: An Interview with Monte Hadley of Integrity Pest Consultants

By Monte Hadley

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Integrity Pest Consultants is based on the idea that what we offer as professionals is not information that is exclusive to us. We want to educate each client and answer all questions to the fullest extent in order to make them an informed consumer and bring them in to the decision making process. We offer general pest control services and wood destroying organism inspections.These inspections are mostly required by lenders when real estate property is changing hands.

Can you briefly explain what you look for and where you look during a termite inspection?

The termites in this area are mostly dampwood/subterranean termites and require soil for protection and moisture for survival. Most of the inspection is within the lowest three feet of the structure, which is close to the soil and most water sources.

What are the dangers of letting termite infestation/damage go untreated?

Leaving a termite colony to do what termites do can only lead to a larger colony. This, in turn, leads to more damage to the wood (cellulose) parts of the structure.

What are some of the most common signs that termites are present in a home?

The most common signs are anomalies in the drywall paint and texture. Termites will tunnel beneath the paint, gouging the chalk of the drywall while eating the paper. Usually this is somewhere close to a water source (leaks, excessive water outside for plants, behind bathroom/kitchen appliances) or a penetration within walls that allow the water/electrical supply through the concrete slab floor.

Do you have any advice for people who see a few of those signs in their home?

Call us, of course. All WDO technicians are licensed to perform wood destroying organism inspections, but time does not allow all treatment technicians to practice their inspection skills. Each treatment begins with a good inspection. Those of us who have devoted more time to our inspection skills are simply better at it.

What are the steps that a homeowner should take after receiving their inspection report?

Depending on the results of the inspection, there are a variety of paths to take. Ask questions. The reports are designed to give maximum information in minimum communication. This makes it easy for professionals, but may be difficult for the common homeowner to completely understand. If your inspector cannot answer your question, then find someone who can. The New Mexico Department of Agriculture's website answers more questions than could be asked, but someone in the field is better equipped to answer the common questions.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

Integrity Pest Consultants at 505-836-5400 and

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