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Family-Owned Service with Modernization at Albuquerque's Duran Central Pharmacy

By Elisha Neubauer

Pete Duran was a member of the community. Having grown up in the Albuquerque neighborhood, he knew he wanted to give back- and in 1942, he opted to do so in the form of a local pharmacy. Duran Central Pharmacy stayed opened, changing hands from the Duran family to the Ghattas family in 1965. Since then, the Ghattas family has remained owners and operators of the Duran Central Pharmacy, keeping the old fashioned family values alive.

"The store has now been in the Ghattas family for 51 years," says Jay Guthrie, manager of Duran Central Pharmacy. "All have possessed a passion for helping people." Despite being an independently owned pharmacy, Duran's has always been ahead of the curve, ensuring the clientele gets the best of both worlds- personalized service with modern advances. "Duran's was one of, if not the first, pharmacy to use a computer," Guthrie details.

"Now, Duran's is one of the few pharmacies (chain or independent) that offers medication synchronization for its patients." This process enables all the patients' prescriptions to be filled on the same day of the month instead of making a trip for each, just showing another example of the service that Duran Central Pharmacy prides themselves on.

In addition to being an overly attentive pharmacy, Duran's has always been a place to go for the out of the ordinary items, from over-the-counter items, compounding, unique gifts, et cetera. "We are a unique enterprise for sure," explains Guthrie. "The restaurant evolved from the soda fountain to entice potential customers in to the pharmacy." He tells us that there are three aspects to store: the pharmacy, gifts, and restaurant.

"They coexist to be a one stop shopping experience." In the restaurant, the menu has been designed to be simple. "It's the same menu all day," explains Guthrie. "We prepare everything from scratch using quality ingredients." He adds, "Our hand-rolled flour tortillas are world famous."

The pharmacy is one of the oldest commercial establishments in the area, giving it a leg up on the traditional business model. "The pharmacy has grown considerably over the years, reflecting changes in the health and medical fields," states the Pharmacy's website. "In addition, the business now includes a large selection of toiletries, gift items, and medical supplies."

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