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Evolv Strong Helps Its Members Elevate Their Level of Fitness

By Pamela Sosnowski

There's something for everyone at the Evolv Strong fitness studio of Albuquerque: group fitness classes that incorporate cardio with strength training, fighting and boxing classes that get members swinging, and hot yoga to help sooth tight muscles and relax. The gym's philosophy is about helping its members a better version of themselves, thus finding their life evolving through the transformative power of exercise.

"None of us, including our trainers, can push ourselves to where we make consistent gains," says Bebe Smith Dickey, the gym's co-owner and partner. "We ALL need someone else to take us 'above and beyond'. This is where Evolv Strong shines."

Evolv Strong offers over 70 classes per week and is open daily, because "health, fitness, and wellness never sleep", according to Dickey. There are three studios: Velocity, where cross-training is held, the Brawl studio, where boxing and MMA training takes place, and the Hot Purity studio, where the temperature reaches up to 106 degrees for hot yoga, hot barre, and hot core sculpt classes.

As Dickey explains, the heated and humidity-controlled room delivers "the ultimate muscle and mind relaxation. Approach every class as it is was your first, whether novice or advanced practitioners, letting its magic and healing reveal itself to you."

No matter which combinations of classes members attend, Evolv strives to keep them different and challenging so their clients won't get bored and will want to keep coming back for more. "Each class is different yet carefully balanced for complete wellness," says Dickey. "You could attend a class daily for a year and never repeat the same class! This keeps your mind engaged and your body always challenged. We believe this to be a winning formula for making and keeping fitness a significant part of your daily life." The first class is free for new clients, and a variety of memberships cover everyone's needs. The gym also offers child sitting during its morning and evening classes.

For those that desire more private training or wish to push themselves further, personal training is available. "We offer personal training for athletes, for everyday people, for those looking to tone, looking to lose weight, looking to feel and look better," says Dickey. "Our personal training is available for all ages, genders, and even for those with physical challenges."

The gym has its own MMA team, with many of its instructors as its members. They also produce an annual major fitness competition called Rise of the Phoenix, a 12-week fitness/wellness program that culminates in a World Class Fitness Show that will be televised in mid-January.

Besides the variety of classes and top-notch instructors, Evolv Strong offers a fun, supportive environment where friendships are formed. "At Evolv Strong, we are family, a community who know each other by name, we rejoice in one anthers success and are always there to listen to give hope and assistance," says Dickey. "We value one another and have great fun and enjoyment each and everyday."

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