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Entreflamenco Company: Teaching Santa Fe the Magic of Flamenco

By Marina I. Jokic

The Entreflamenco Company, originally founded in 1998 in Madrid, is a nonprofit that today operates El Flamenco studio and restaurant in Santa Fe. The company also hosts Antonio Granjero + Entreflamenco, the only flamenco company in the United States that produces more than 70 performances each year featuring prestigious artistic and technical directors and artists from Spain.

Artistic director and founder Antonio Granjero, a native of Cadiz, Spain, was raised in the birthplace of flamenco. His childhood experiences and his exposure to the rich cultural heritage of the region profoundly shaped his career aspirations.

Compared to other Latin dance styles, flamenco is more of an individual expression rather than a couples' dance. Granjero was always drawn to the individualistic style of flamenco and wanted to devote his professional energy to founding a dance studio that would put on performances but also offer classes. The Entreflamenco Company is the actualization of his artistic vision of bringing this beautiful dance to the world.

"Flamenco dance is different from other dance styles as it is the expression of the people of Southern Spain," Granjero said. "Also, it is a complete art form that is combined with traditional song 'cante' and guitar 'toque'."

Being familiar with the Andalusian region of Spain is important for fully comprehending and embracing the flamenco tradition, Granjero points out. To beginners, the dance might seem incredibly complex and overly expressive. But with consistent practice and determination, many students of the Entreflamenco Company have transformed into incredible dancers.

"I would suggest to beginning dancers to keep an open mind when taking flamenco dance as a hobby," Granjero said. "It is a full musical and cultural experience and study [and] it is a very challenging yet fun art form to learn."

The Santa Fe-based studio features the artistry of Granjero, Ramirez, and Entreflamenco but it also offers performances of other artistic disciplines, free outreach activities to children, dance instruction, lectures and demonstrations, and various exhibits. The 2,227-square-foot space is frequently rented out for weddings, cultural events, and other engagements throughout the year.

There is a range of classes at the Entreflamenco, for beginners all the way to professional level sessions. The free youth outreach program for children six years old and older introduces kids to the fundamentals of flamenco. Young children through pre-teen boys and girls can learn dance and percussion absolutely free of cost. The youth program is a great vehicle for instilling a love for the performing arts in young kids.

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