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Enjoy Locally Sourced Teas and Coffees at Santa Fe's Sweet Lily Bakery

By Elisha Neubauer

Sweet Lily Bakery is the type of place you see in television shows and movies, where people sit around sipping delicious steaming coffees or teas, while nibbling on an artisan pastry and flipping through the latest NY Times bestselling novel.

This is exactly what Melinda Gibson had in mind when she launched Sweet Lily Bakery in 2014. When Melanie and David McPherson took control of the bakery in 2015, they continued this dream of Gibson's...even furthering the ambiance of the eatery in their own way.

"Sweet Lily Bakery was started by Melinda Gipson in 2014," states Melanie McPherson. "The bakery is named after her daughter. When Melinda's family moved to Arizona, my husband David and I purchased and took on the business in December 2015, keeping the name because it just seemed to fit, and also many of Melinda's most popular recipes." Since then, the McPhersons have expanded the menu beyond pastries and pies, now including specialty lunch items, specialty cakes for weddings and birthdays, etc., as well as a larger pastry selection.

The McPherson previously lived in Vienna, the home of the coffee shop, so when they decided to jump into the industry, they knew right away how they wanted the space to look and feel. "After taking ownership, we remodeled the space with more lighting, soft yellow paint on the walls, and more contemporary furniture," stated McPherson. "We wanted the space to feel like someone was walking into our living room, with just a touch of European."

Just like the European coffee shops they're modeling their concepts after, Sweet Lily Bakery's demographics are exceptionally varied, eclectic to say the least. According to McPherson, A typical description would be, "aA book club meeting at our big farm table in the center of the room, a group gathered for a business meeting at several tables pushed together, a young woman curled up in one of our overstuffed chairs in the corner reading a book, and a guy with his German Shepherd dog on the front porch that's lined with hanging flower baskets enjoying a green chile biscuit breakfast sandwich."

As with the European model, there are no great big marketing pushes or sale campaigns to draw in a crowd. It's not a numbers game, for the McPhersons. It's about love. When it comes to what sets them apart from their competitors, McPherson tells us what her customers say to her directly.

"The only way to describe it is what our customers tell us?that they feel comfortable and attended to when they come to Sweet Lily Bakery." The product, of course, is another great draw to the shop, as it is all local, fresh, and high-quality. "We have great product," says McPherson. "But most of all, our staff makes sure that every person is given the attention and service that goes above and beyond the ordinary."

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