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Dogs are the Best Teachers at Santa Fe Tails

By S. Mathur

In order to benefit from the services of the Santa Fe Tails daycare, academy and resort, dogs must be well socialized and comfortable around other dogs. Dogs are social animals and benefit from socializing with their friends, especially when their owners are away at work. In fact, at the Santa Fe Tails Academy, it's the other dogs who do the work of socialization.

Joey Padilla CPDT, CTC and Owner, explains that "The success of our social program is solely dependent on the other dogs that attend daycare because they are the best teachers. We have had a number of dogs start off with socials and now are well-socialized confident members of our current daycare population."

Padilla says that his goal as the owner of Santa Fe Tails is to enrich dogs' lives by teaching them good social communication skills. Interactions with other dogs are the core of the training at the Academy. The process begins with a one-hour social, when a new dog in daycare is introduced to the other dogs, very slowly. Each dog is allowed to learn at its own pace, says Padilla: "Every dog's progression through the social program is different but one thing is for certain, they are all placed in a safe educational environment where learning and growing occurs."

Santa Fe Tails can help under-socialized dogs, by putting them in the Social Program. Every dog has different levels of social, play and communication skills. But some are too under socialized and even the social program can't change that. Padilla acknowledges that the program can't help all dogs.

The Dog Academy has small group classes to teach dogs how to put their best paw forward. The trainers are certified and the small class size allows them to give each dog individual attention. Class run for six weeks and each session lasts for an hour.

How does socialization benefit dogs? Socialization with other dogs and people enriches their lives. Doggie daycare gives your faithful friend a fun place to hang out while you're at work, with some cool canine and human friends. They have supervised play time in indoor and outdoor areas, and enrichment games at various times during the day. Owners can keep an eye on their pets via webcam.

The Santa Fe Tails resort provides luxury boarding for dogs while owners are out of town. Dogs get individualized care. This includes all-day supervised play and socialization in daycare play areas, a daily walk, personalized meals and a spacious suite for the night. For people who have more than one dog, they can be boarded together in the same suite. The resort has overnight security on site and webcam that is accessible to owners.

Santa Fe Tails also lends a helping paw to other animals in need by supporting the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society. Dogs from the shelter visit for daycare, fostering and training.

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