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CedarFIT Body Transformation Center: From Overweight to Healthy

By Elisha Neubauer

Cedar McCrary had had enough of being overweight. Nothing seemed to be working for her. She had tried every form of weight loss shouted about on late-night infomercials to no avail. Eventually, when reaching the end of her rope, McCrary began heavily researching nutrition. McCrary began to see results as soon as she began utilizing her newfound nutritional knowledge and her life changed from there.

"After just four weeks, I could see fat just melting away," she said on her website.

Wanting to bring this same experience to others, McCrary launched CedarFIT Body Transformation Center and has never looked back. Today, the popular facility provides full-service lifestyle changes. They do so by providing nutrition coaching and training in both private and group settings for anyone of any skill set.

"Our nationally-certified personal trainers are able to extensively adapt our exercises for pain and injuries including low back, knees, hips and shoulders," McCrary said. The studio puts a focus on quality over quantity, wanting to provide the best training possible in a fun, safe, effective, and pain-free training environment.

"Our mission is to motivate and inspire you to thrive," she said. "Our clients love training with us and you will too."

McCrary and her team of professional trainers strongly believe that you have to enjoy your training programs in order to stick with them long enough to see real, lasting results.When it comes to having a successful fitness routine, McCrary has ensured each and every one of her clients understands the five components of fitness, posting them for all to see on her website.She believes these are important for anyone to achieve successful results.

"Exercising should not be done without prior planning," she said. "There are five basic components of fitness and each of them has to be balanced."

These five are muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and composition. Each of these five components must be addressed in a fitness plan to reach the ultimate goal of total body health and fat loss.

The studio also offers boot camps for those serious about their weight loss. At these camps, you can expect to receive support from the entire fitness team, accountability, low monthly fees, an intense exercise program, and a drop in body fat of 3-6 percent within the first 12 weeks. You can also expect to see a drop in food cravings, an increase in metabolism, better sleep, and a decreased stress level.

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