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Bhava Yoga Studio: An Unexpected Cure for Post-Partum Depression

By Elisha Neubauer

Bhava Yoga Studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico, wants to help those struggling with post-partum depression.

The practice of yoga can help the symptoms of PPD. By attending a yoga class, the mother has time to reconnect to and care for herself: mind, body and soul. Post-partum depression can appear anywhere from three weeks to several months after giving birth and can affect a mother's mood by creating feelings of helplessness, anxiety, unwillingness to care for the baby, fear, frustration and intense sadness. A few moments away to reconnect can make all the difference in a mother's PPD recovery.

"By utilizing the vast tool box of skills a yoga practice offers, the mother can re-learn to focus her mind and meditate by re-centering with breathing techniques and reconnecting to her body after the pregnancy and birth by practicing the postures," Marisol Brito, owner and instructor at Bhava Yoga Studio said.

Taking these few moments to reconnect and re-center, even if only for short periods a day, will help remind a mother how important she truly is during a time when everyone is so focused on the needs of the new baby.

Bhava Yoga Studio focuses on providing a warm, welcoming, supportive environment. The company has a long tradition to uphold and continues to provide students with a variety of classes that are advantageous to all levels of experience. No matter who you are, what you've been through, or what level of fitness you have, Bhava Yoga Studio has a class that will work for you. There are classes from the Fundamentals of Yoga to Advanced Practice, as well as specialty classes and therapeutic classes.

"In yoga, everyone is a beginner because every day is a new day to begin again," Brito said. "Taking this beginners attitude gives you the freedom to practice yoga without judgement."

Yoga is personalized and focuses on continuation of the practice, rather than specific goals. This makes it a great conducive practice, as you are not able to compare yourself to others.

"The ability to stand on your head seven different ways will not make you any more or less enlightened; so, never compare your practice to others," Brito said.

The trick to yoga, according to Brito, is to show up to your mat every single day, regardless. Leave your expectations at the door and give it your all. Most importantly, however, is to just enjoy your practice.

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