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Awakening JOY Ministries Offers Spiritual Support to Couples and Individuals Alike

By Pamela Sosnowski

When planning a wedding, couples often get so caught up on the details of what they will wear, the venue, and decor while the vows remain an afterthought. Reverend Andrea Sassa Archuleta of Awakening JOY Ministries of Santa Fe, Corrales, and northern New Mexico specializes in creating a wedding ceremony that is as unique as the couple getting married.

"Awakening JOY Ministries is northern New Mexico's source for wedding ceremonies and spirituality counseling delivered in an intimately personal experience," she explains. "For engaged couples, I personally create your wedding ceremony from the unique details of your relationship. 'Saying I do your way has never been more important!' is our cherished motto."

Archuleta is a wedding ceremony minister and spirituality counselor who provides a variety of spiritual services to individuals as well as couples. She provides spiritual counseling, which connects a person with their inner wisdom, and spiritual coaching, which can help a person make life changing decisions and accomplish goals. She is also a guided imagery counselor, a Reiki master practitioner and yoga instructor. No matter which tools or services Archuleta provides, all of them are useful in helping someone heal from emotional trauma.

"I begin by bringing you to peace within yourself," she says. "Once your mind is no longer racing or over-thinking, I help you build a relationship with your inner wisdom - your wise guide within that knows how to ease your trauma. Then I support you in freeing hurts, anxieties, stresses and fears and awakening your life to the JOY you deserve."

According to Archuleta, the word "joy" in her ministry's name refers not to the temporary pleasure derived from everyday activities, but a lifelong state of knowing and being at peace with one's self. "JOY is a sense of abundance, a light-heartedness about our life, a smiling contentment on the inside twinkling outward," states the website. When this sense of joy feels very far away or even like it may never return, Archuleta can help her clients reclaim it again.

Archuleta is available not just for weddings, for she is a ceremony minister for any number of life events including baptisms, vow renewals, funerals, new beginnings, and more. She works with clients of all faiths, beliefs, cultures, spiritual traditions, and marriage equality. No matter the service, Archuleta can provide free consultations.

"For engaged couples, I love meeting with them and answering their every question, giving them sweetly intimate ideas for their special ceremony," she says. "For spirituality counseling clients, I also offer free consultations for explaining how your healing occurs with the methods I use and to discuss a fee structure based upon your budget."
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