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At Sterling Reflexology, The Body Speaks For Itself

By S. Mathur

The practice of reflexology has an ancient history and has been used in Egyptian and Asian societies for a long time. In our day, it is a modality of alternative healing and therapy with proven benefits for many different ailments. Tess DeGange, CR and owner of Sterling Reflexology in Santa Fe, NM, believes that anyone is good candidate for reflexology. From seniors to cancer survivors, it offers comfort, relaxation and relief.

"Those suffering from stress and PTSD benefit from reflexology as it helps calm the nervous system and brain activity," she said. "Michigan State University did a $3 million study on which alternative therapies cancer patients found the most therapeutic during chemo and radiation treatments; reflexology came up as number one. Reflexology is an adjunct to the work of western medicine as in it helps advance their benefits."

Tess DeGange

DeGange works with medical doctors, dentists, physical therapists and spas. She has studied in the Netherlands and Thailand, and offers her clients a blend of East and West. Reflexology works by applying effective pressure to the hands, feet, outer ears and face.

"Each nerve ending links directly to a particular organ or bone structure in the body," DeGange said. "When that part of the body is out of balance it sends a message through the nerve endings to the feet. The manual stimulation of reflexology force stimulates the circulation in the feet and also the entire body."

Reflexology is suitable for anyone who is stressed out and needs pampering. Just about everyone, including mothers, dancers, runners, checkout clerks, bank tellers and more, can benefit from the healing touch. For pregnant women about to enter labor, it helps to ease both the emotional fear and physical pain. For seniors, it offers both emotional comfort and pain relief. It can also improve blood circulation and promote healing after surgery.

Reflexology is a gentle and non-invasive treatment, which can be given with the patient sitting down or in a reclining position. The frequency of treatment varies for each patient, but a course of 4-6 weekly treatments is recommended to begin with, and maintenance treatments at 3-6 month intervals thereafter. Many people choose to continue with the weekly treatment.

As well as a relaxing treatment, reflexology can help in all stress related ailments like constipation, sleeplessness, anxiety, headaches, chemotherapy treatments and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

"Relaxation is the first step to the body's return to a state of equilibrium, in which circulation can flow unimpeded to supply nutrients and oxygen to the cells," DeGange said. "The body speaks for itself."

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