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Revving Up in Deming: Arroyo Seco Raceway

By Kelly Church

By Kelly Church Abstract:

Arroyo Seco Raceway is Deming, NM's hub for automobile racing, with opportunities for sport cars, motorcycles, drag races, and even superlap racing. Owner Roger Heemsbergen has been a devoted auto racer for his entire life. Heemsbergen grew up around a family of racers and had the dream of racing motorcycles.

"I grew up in Southern California as the son of a former stock car racer and top local motorcycle racer," Heemsbergen says. "For me, being around the races on the weekends and watching my dad race, there was never anything I wanted to do more than race motorcycles."

According to Heemsbergen, auto racing is not a solely American sport: it comes in second worldwide as the most popular sport, just behind soccer. And that makes sense, given that the primary tool is something many people use everyday and are very comfortable operating.

"It's about entertainment, and since we all drive cars, it's easy for us to imagine it could be us out there winning races," Heemsbergen says.

On the Arroyo Seco Raceway website, top racers are listed as if they were world-renowned celebrities. You're not just doing it for fun - you're competing as well.

"There are so many great local races compared to national or world championship events," Heemsbergen says. "Local races usually have a formula for classes that has been finely tuned for decades. I totally believe the best races are usually small, local races where everyone entered is an amateur and racing for pride."

Arroyo Seco Raceway is also available for track rentals, with pricing for full day, half day, weekday, or weekend rentals, and additional fees depending on the number of vehicles on the raceway. The track also accommodates for rentals by the hour, but by appointment only.

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