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Albuquerque's Beauty in Wellness Encourages Patients to Skip Cosmetic Surgery and Try Their Incredible Cosmetic Acupuncture

By Elisha Neubauer

Acupuncture has been in practice for over 5,000 years, giving relief to the injured and ill across the world. Today, acupuncture has been found useful for another purpose: anti-aging and cosmetics. At Beauty in Wellness, the focus of their use of acupuncture is facial rejuvenation.

Cosmetic Acupuncture is the practice of encouraging a youthful appearance in those receiving the treatment. There are many different forms in the spectrum of acupuncture that are utilized to create a cosmetic acupuncture regime; combined together to balance the appearance of the face and other problem areas. Acupuncture heals from the inside out, creating an inner health and beauty, which in turn, radiates to the outer appearance.

When one books a treatment with Beauty in Wellness, there are several forms of acupuncture to choose from. These include Acupuncture, Anti-Aging Acupuncture (i.e. Facial Rejuvenation), Tui Na Massage, Herbal Consultation/Custom Herbal Prescriptions, DOT Physicals for Commercial Drivers, and soon, NAET treatments for the alleviation of allergies.

According to Dr. J. Marcus Trujillo of Beauty in Wellness, there is very little that can't be treated with acupuncture. "Acupuncture accelerates the body's own natural healing processes," he explains, "so any health condition caused by an external or internal influence can be rectified by the body."

There are three focal areas in practicing cosmetic acupuncture: acupuncture, diet and herbal prescription, and patient self-care maintenance. It is vital to the success of the procedure that all three steps be carried out efficiently to maximize impact.

At Beauty in Wellness, they ensure that each patient is well educated on how to exercise different facial muscles in order to maintain the youthful appearance encouraged by the procedure. They are also instructed on how to prevent muscle loss and which creams and salves to apply, and how, to keep fine lines and wrinkles to a minimum. When it comes to a diet and herbal prescription plan, the patient's individual needs are tended to, and a personalized plan is drawn up by the acupuncturist that will ensure overall health and wellness.

Cosmetic acupuncture may not produce such dramatic results as cosmetic surgery, but it does still produce amazing results while also creating an overall sense of health and wellbeing within the body, which can help to reduce stress and strain on the body in the future.

Dr. Trujillo wants first-timers to know that acupuncture is not an alternative medicine, like many think, but instead a true medical practice that often alleviates ailments not treatable by other forms of medicine. "It is a long standing form of medicine that has enjoyed a robust history of healing the injured and ill," he affirms.

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