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A Tangible, Fragrant Quality of Life: Deming Luna County Chamber of Commerce Enhances a Thriving Community

By Paul Rowe

The Deming Luna County Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization committed to improvement of the economic quality of life in the Deming area. Through organizing First Friday Mixers and hosting a variety of well-attended events in Deming, the Chamber of Commerce creates, maintains, and enhances a community environment that encourages and supports dynamic business activity while fostering community pride and spirit.

"The Chamber as a business organization, operates from a defined plan of action designed to enhance commercial, industrial, agricultural and civic interests of the City of Deming and Luna County," says Executive Director Laurie Findley. "Our plan of action focuses on those issues identified as being the most important in bringing about activities and policies that support the general well-being of the entire community."

In order to achieve business goals in Deming, or anywhere for that matter, Chamber of Commerce membership must be promoted and community participation must be strongly encouraged. The Deming Luna County Chamber of Commerce inspires businesses to invest in Deming because Deming invests in all businesses. Findley is well aware of Deming's economic prospects.

"Deming is home to one of a kind manufacturing companies that require high-skilled engineers. Deming is also rooted in agricultural production where community members are accustomed to the timely demands of production and food processing," says Findley. "Deming has two industrial parks with infrastructure in place to suit heavy industrial projects or entrepreneurial ventures, and offers wide-open spaces that take out the commuting obligations and congestive natures of metro areas. Public transportation is available as an added incentive."

Deming's open accessibility makes it a great spot for any business. A central hub point from Los Angeles to Houston, Deming has access to rail and air transportation and sits right on the I-10 corridor.

"Deming's designated non-profit for economic development has excellent relationships with our neighbors, as well as state and federal resources," says Findley.

The Deming Luna County Chamber of Commerce promotes features of Deming that are often lost on the eyes of city slickers. Deming's quality of life doesn't come from skyscrapers or noisy nightclubs; it comes from a tangible vitality of life in breathable air.

"The luxury of our City doesn't come from resorts and spas; but you can knock the dust off your soul and purify your mind by waking up to a sunrise in Deming, Luna County and allow yourself to be inspired by the enchanting mountains and serene land around you," says Findley. "The fragrant earth that produces for communities all across the country will humble your spirit."

The Chamber of Commerce believes in Deming's serene culture of closeness, giving, and prosperity. Hard work, dedication, and intellect make up Deming's workforce. Time and again, the Deming community welcomes fresh and exciting new businesses.

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